July 10 to 14 2019
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Western Festival

 The "Western Festival of St-Quentin Inc" celebrated its first edition in 1984, under the direction of Mr. Paul Lamarre, local businessman, who anticipated a Festival for Saint-Quentin and decided it was the right moment to carry on his plans. Assisted by several volunteers, he created the Western Festival.
As early as the first year, numerous activities were organized for the Festival, such as parties, terrace, parade, horse-pulling contest, children's activities, etc.

In 1986, with Mr.Mario Gagnon as president, the "WESTERN JAMBOREE" was added to the festivities. This event brought local musicans on stage.

In 1988, under the direction of Mr Sylvain Caron, came the first "QUEEN" of the Festival, Miss Josee Levasseur, joined by YOUDLY, the mascot, who knew how to please and amuse people, young and old. The participation of the local businesses and their employees helped in organizing another activity, which is "CHALLENGE OF THE ENTREPRISES". This activity which consists in going through obstacles in a race, with teamates, still has its place in the festival, because of its great recreative popularity.

In 1989, concerned about presenting the maximum up to the last hour of festivities, the "FIREWORKS" will light up the closing ceremonies from now on.

In 1990-1991, with Mr. Jeannot Poirier as president, the Festival presented nine days of festivities. Everything was on the agenda: social events, horse pulling, soap box races, men pulling competitions, golf tournaments, children's activities, parade, pow-pow, Western mass, brunch, etc.

In 1992-1993, with Mr Gaetan Beaulieu as president, the "SUPER WESTERN RODEO" was born. During first year, sixty cowboys and cowgirls from different parts of Ontario, United States, Quebec and New Brunswick offered a fabulous show for two consecutive days on the site.

The "Western Festival of Saint-Quentin Inc" celebrated its tenth Edition in 1994 supervised by Mr.Patrick Theriault.

The great "Western Rodeo" was presented with fifty registrations of which some came as far as the Montana. With the commitment of TV network R.D.S channel, the rodeo was diffured by twenty television broadcast systems.

In 1995-1996, supervised by Mr.Marc Beaulieu, arrived "MISTER CHAPEAU" competition, as well as the "WESTERN BABY".

A spectacular evening was organized by musicians of Saint-Quentin's region. This evening was honoring groups from 1958 to 1995 with over twenty local musicians and groups that made a great success of that presentation.

An entrepreneur of the region organized a MINI-GOLF tournament of for young and old.

In 1996, ALPA Equipment made its appearance for Saint-Quentin, with a LOADER COMPETITION which impressed many truckers of the region.

COUNTRY MUSIC EVENING honoring to Shania Twain a great show was appreciated by everyone.

Finally, the "CHALLENGE CARAVAN 1996", consisted of thirty -eight cowboys and cowgirls from Balmoral came for the occasion of their centenarian, as in time pioneers, came on horseback and in carriages, to visit the Western Festival.

In 1997, the men were excited for being in charge of the thirteenth Edition. Then Mrs. Jocelyne Poirier was the first president of the Western Festival of Saint-Quentin.

Under the direction sits ten members, every volunteers, as well as a general manager who working all year long, with the extraordinary implication of the community and the precious help of over 850 to 900 volunteers during eight days of festivities.

For its 13th anniversery, "MERCEDES BAND"came to celebrate with Saint-Quentin population and rock the fans.

In 1998-1999, under the direction Mrs. Sylvie C.Thibeault, a study was started for the eventuality that the festival could build an OUTSIDE SCENE. Then in 2000-2001, supervised by Mr.Serge arrived the "10 KM RUNNING, TOURNAMENTS OF HORSESHOE," animation with JOHN FARMER as well as Martin DESCHAMPS show which was very appreciated by the local population and its guests.

The 30th edition, still under the direction of Mr. Rino Perron, was done with as much supporters, but a hurricane strucked New Brunswick, from the beginning of the festivities. This unexpected event brought somes changes that the committee had to work with, for his celebration edition. The entire team work very hard to complete 2014' edition, despite the unexpected. Several new activities were waiting our tourists: a bigger tent, a mega outdoor event, a price added to the Miss Atlantic Cowgirl and the return of fireworks, to the delight of tourists and the population. This year brought in the Western Festival team the desire to exceed the expectations of customers, for the following year.

For 2015, the committee and its president is promising an edition that will be beyond the expectations of its customers with its latest news and many big name artists: Official opening as an outdoor show in the volunteers stadium, with Brian Mallery and Kain, a youth evening with singer Olivier Dion, more activities in the field, artists LBA Band, Julie Daraîche Dani Daraîche Rhéal Leblanc and Bodh'aktan during the weekend and, not forgetting the grand final of the festival with the return of fireworks.

The 33rd edition is led by a new President, Mr. Bertrand LeClerc. Supported by a dynamic organizing committee that includes, among others, the Mayor of Saint-Quentin, Nicole Somers, and his two regular employees, LeClerc has the wind in the sails and several projects for the Western Festival. The beginning of the festivities will give place to ENDUROCROSS, to the delight of the festival-goers who had, during the 29th edition, much appreciated this novelty. Moreover, a skein of artists who turn out to be the trend of the hour will move the crowds during the summer week. A novelty in the program of the 2017 edition: An opening show of the Rodeo. DJs and musicians will take their place in the Rodeo Stadium to move the fans on their intoxicating rhythms.