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Schedule > Miss Cow-Girl Atlantique




Date of event: Friday, July 12th, 2019 at 9 p.m.

Chance to win:

$5,000 - 1st place
$2,000 - 2nd place
$1,000 - 3rd place


Hurry! Places are limited!

This year will be Miss Cow-girl's 17th Edition. It is a serious and outstanding beauty contest reaching contestants  from Eastern Canada.

Rules and regulations :

To be admissible, your first step is to complete the application form. Upon submitting your application, someone from our office will get in touch with you in order to confirm your application and to tell you whether or not you were chosen. Submitting an online application form DOESN'T guarantee you a spot as a contestant.  You must wait for a confirmation before you send in your money.   

We will choose 15 finalists(19 yrs old and up with a valide ID), whom will have submitted their online application form as well as the 250$ mandatory application fees.  This amount can come from a sponsor that you will represent during the gala.  This amount is not refundable even if you cancel. 

A former contestant who already won the title of Miss Cow-Girl Atlantic can't compete again.

A contestant can't compete more than two times to our Miss Cow-Girl Atlantic.

Prizes :

The 1st prize winner will be awarded the title of Miss Cow-Girl Atlantic for the current year  as well as 5 000$ in cash. A prize of 2 000$ will be given to the 1st princess and finally, a cash prize of 1 000$ will be awarded to the 2nd princess.  All the winners must remain on site until the end the show for pictures that will be taken by our official photographer.  .

General informations :

During the evening, the contestants will take the stage three times and will be allowed 30 minute breaks to get ready for their next appearance on stage. First walk :  One piece swimwear(of your choice but it must not look like a two pieces, no lingerie), 2nd walk :  two piece bikini/swimwear(of your choice, must be a real two pieces bikini, no lingerie), 3rd walk:  Cow-girl(western/country outfit of your choice. Lingerie can be accepte as long as it hides your intimate parts.)

The contest is based on beauty criteria, therefore, the following will be judged : 

  • Look, face and body, personality on stage, smile, charisma, demeanor, originality and appearance (body, accessories, clothing...) 
  • At the end of the night, the scoring sheets will not be revealed to the contestants.
  • Every contestant will be identified by a number which will be randomly selected as soon as they arrive to determine the order of appearance on stage.
  • Your name and origin will not be mentioned during the contest. They will only be revealed at the end, after the judge's deliberations. 
  • You will be walking on T-shaped walkway, eight feet high which will be secure so people cannot touch you.  
  • If you are selected as a contestant, there will be a general practice in the afternoon during which time you will get a chance to practice on stage. Also, we ask every contestant to arrive at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 12th, 2019 at the arena.
  • When you arrive on site Friday night, you will be given the details of the contest process.  You will also be given instructions on how to parade on stage. Do not forget the three mandatory poses in front of the judges during each appearance: the front, the side and the back views.
  • Each contestant is responsible with her everything she needs for this contest:  costumes, accessories, mirror, make-up, hair accessories, etc... 
  • There are no registration limits due to town, village or region.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted backstage. You will not be allowed to leave your dressing room during the competition. Toilets, bottled water and  fruits will be provided in your dressing room.  After the crowning, the contestants will be able to join their families and friends for the rest of the evening. Our responsibilities toward the contestants end after the crowning.
  • If you are selected, you must pay a registration fee of $ 250. This fee can be paid by a sponsor. You or your sponsor may receive the following benefits:
    - Participation fees paid
    - Get two free tickets for the Miss Cow-Girl Atlantic contest
    - The candidate receives a picture taken by a professional photographer during the competition.
    - The contestant receives a DVD of the competition.
    - The contestant receives flowers as a thank you.
    - The contestant will carry a banner with the name of her sponsor at the last exit. and a mention by the host.
    -Tax deductible receipt will be awarded.




Good luck!!