July 04 to 09 2017
1-877-898-YEHA (9342)
Family site to entertain your youngsters during daytime!
Good or bad weather, the parade will get on its way! It's free to participate!
Buy tickets from our wonderful duchesses and have a chance to win $10,000 !!
Our most historical activity: The horse pulling! Meet us Friday, July 7 at noon in the Volunteer stadium!
Camping located right on the Festival site, make your reservation today! 1-877-898-9342
POW-POW:Come take control of Canada Street with us on July 6!


The Festival Western of Saint-Quentin is an organization in great expansion that exists since 1984. It is the only Western Festival throughout New Brunswick.

To help you choose your vacation destination this summer, here are the activities that make this festival so exceptional: the Horse Pulling Contest: you will be impressed by their strength, Miss Cow Girl Atlantic, our super Professional Rodeo, unique in the Maritimes, where you'll see cowboys who have the nerves to earn a place among the best and do not forget the Duchess night Party with many great country artists who will perform their greatest hits and make you want to party and shout loudly: Yee Ha!