July 03 to 08 2018
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Buy tickets from our wonderful duchesses and have a chance to win $10,000 !!
Family site to entertain yourself and your youngsters during all week!
Tuesday, July 4, 7pm: Competitors who will give you a full show!
You won't want to miss this!
Rodeo opening show - July 8 & 9 - 1pm. Come dance and let loose to the beat of Tony La Sauce, DJ MAATH'B and Vinny Falcone, door prices to win and fun for everyone!
Meet us Friday night at 9pm!
Good or bad weather, the parade will get on its way! It's free to participate!
Our most historical activity: The horse pulling! Meet us Friday, July 7 at noon in the Volunteer stadium!
Camping located right on the Festival site, make your reservation today! 1-877-898-9342
POW-POW:Come take control of Canada Street with us on July 6!

Services > Accommodation > Hotels / Motels / Cottages Inn

Motel O'Régal

4 single bedrooms - 1 person: $77.91; 2 people: $83.66.

5 double bedrooms (1st floor) - 2 people: $85.86; 4 people: $95.16.

5 bedrooms (2nd floor: newly renovated) - 1 person: $85.10; 2 people: $92.00.

Every extra bed or extra person will be charged $11.50 each.

Person in charge: Luc Barette

8014, road 17, Kedgwick, NB, E8B 1A1

Tel.: 506-284-2196, Fax: 506-284-2176

Email: oregal@nb.aibn.com

Motel Chez Ra-Ly

With 7 rooms - 5 doubles : 80$ + tax and 2 simples : 60$ + tax. There is an climated air system in each room.

For more informations, contact by phone at the number under.
251 Canada street, St-Quentin
Tel: 235-2714   Fax: 235-7628

Persons in charge: Raoul or Lyne Couturier

Auberge Évasion de rêves

An acces to the pool, spa, breakfast (included) and high-speed internet in each rooms. 


For more informations, you can phone at the number under or go on the web site.
11, Canada street
Saint-Quentin, NB  E8A 1J2
Tel: 506-235-3551
Fax: 506-235-3518
Toll-free: 1-866-443-7383 (Atlantic provinces only)

Hôtel Queen chez Jeanne-Mance

8 doubles rooms (75,00$/night)
2 singles rooms (75,00$/night)

153, Canada Street
Saint-Quentin, NB  E8A 1J5
Phone /fax :1-506-235-2980

(3 days or more)