July 03 to 08 2018
1-877-898-YEHA (9342)
Buy tickets from our wonderful duchesses and have a chance to win $ 10,000
You won't want to miss this!
Friday July 6 9pm
POW-POW Come take control of Canada Street whit us on July 5 !
Tuesday July 3, 7pm: Competitors who will give you a full show!
The most historical activity of our festival!
Family site to entertain yourself and your youngsters during all week!
Good or bad weather, the parade will get on its way! It's free to participate!
Camping located right on the Festival site, make your reservation today! 1-877-898-9342

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La Croisée Ultramar

224 Canada St, Saint-Quentin, NB, 506-235-7667

Dépanneur L.J. McCormick

178, MGR Martin East, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1W1 Telephone: 235-2676

Irving Mainway

272, Canada street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1H5 Telephone: 235-3311

Thompson Passion Plein Air

199, Canada street, Unit B,  Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1J9 Telephone: 235-2762

Dépanneur Caron

29, Violette street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 2B9 Telephone: 235-9882