July 03 to 08 2018
1-877-898-YEHA (9342)
Buy tickets from our wonderful duchesses and have a chance to win $10,000 !!
Family site to entertain yourself and your youngsters during all week!
Tuesday, July 4, 7pm: Competitors who will give you a full show!
You won't want to miss this!
Rodeo opening show - July 8 & 9 - 1pm. Come dance and let loose to the beat of Tony La Sauce, DJ MAATH'B and Vinny Falcone, door prices to win and fun for everyone!
Meet us Friday night at 9pm!
Good or bad weather, the parade will get on its way! It's free to participate!
Our most historical activity: The horse pulling! Meet us Friday, July 7 at noon in the Volunteer stadium!
Camping located right on the Festival site, make your reservation today! 1-877-898-9342
POW-POW:Come take control of Canada Street with us on July 6!

Services > Esthetics

Christine Poirier, 53 Aventure St., Saint-Quentin, 506-504-0129

Stephanie Leblanc, 199 Mgr Martin Est, Saint-Quentin, 506-235-3092

Veronique Poirier, Beautician, 15 Bergeron street, Saint-Quentin, 506-235-9113

Jessica Banville, hair dresser, 6305 route 17, Saint-Quentin, 506-235-0636

Carole Castonguay, 35, Querry street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1Y9 Telephone: 235-3229

Sylvie Couturier, 136 rue Canada, Saint-Quentin, NB, Telephone: 235-8106

Salon Esthétique Valérie

Valérie Terras, 5787, route 17, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 2J6 Telephone: 235-2790

Esthétique Bo-Look Fany

Fany Thibault, 286, Guimond street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1P7 Telephone: 235-3121

Stephanie Bellavance, hair dresser & Jessie Degrace Gendron, beautician. 6, Latour street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1F2 Telephone: 235-3316

Clinique Capillaire

Clemence Belanger, 81, ch. Vieux Moulin, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 2C6 Telephone: 235-3602

Salon Chez Diane

Hair dresser, 7, St-Jean street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 2A4 Telephone: 235-3195

Salon Christine Aubut

 Hair dresser, 11, Monique street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 2R4 Telephone: 235-9133

Audrey Turcotte, hair dresser, 355, Canada street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1K3 Telephone: 235-9120


Dr. Stéphanie Theriault
175, Canada street, Saint-Quentin, NB, E8A 1J6 Telephone: 235-3333

Unisex hairdressing salon and Xtreme lashes technician, Marie-Claude Roy,  3 rue Gagnon, Saint-Quentin, NB, Phone Number: 506-504-0098